Woolworths Group Ltd welcomes world leading innovation and green technology into their home delivery fleet

QTRS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems would like to thank Woolworths Group Ltd for choosing another Mitsubishi TE30GAEM all electric multi compartment refrigeration unit for their ever evolving home delivery market. This important partnership brings Woolworths Group Ltd one step closer towards achieving net zero-emissions home delivery.

The Mitsubishi TE30GAEM was specifically designed for the grocery home delivery market with arguably the most innovative technology on the market. Mitsubishi’s patented Hyper- Inverter technology prioritizes efficiency and temperature control capacity. With 3 modes of operation – Alternator, battery and 240v standby the TE30GAEM has the flexibility to seamlessly operate from a variety of power sources without intervention from the driver.

The TE30GAEM not only reduces the operators carbon footprint when compared to traditional refrigeration options, it maintains a greater temperature control of the product for the duration of its journey with seamless running during deliveries even with the vehicle engine switched off, the greater temperature control of the TE30GAEM ensures products are kept at their optimum temperature at all times, reducing the chances of premature deterioration of temperature sensitive cargo’s. The low energy consumption of the TE30GAEM allows for up to six hours of running on battery alone and even longer with a solar system is fitted. When fitted with a solar charging system, further reductions of emissions are experienced while extending the life-expectancy of the AGM battery to beyond 5 years.

The TE30GAEM leads the market with its virtually maintenance free refrigeration system and unmatched lowest cost-of-ownership. 300,000klm life expectancy of the alternator and upwards of 150,000klm for the alternator belt, brushless fan motors, proven fully Hermetic Compressor, completely closed refrigeration system (no hoses or seals) and Mitsubishi’s patented Hyper Inverter technology guaranteeing the TE30GAEM’s long and reliable life span.

How do QTRS support the Mitsubishi product?

QTRS also has a nationwide network of authorised Service and Repair Centres (ASRC’s) providing localized support throughout Australia. Additionally, QTRS has a national training and technical manager who travels the country providing training and support to not only our ASRC’s but also our customers.

With the introduction of Mitsubishi TE30, the best-in-class all-electric transport refrigeration unit into the Woolworths Group home delivery fleet, QTRS provided two of our staff to attend the induction day at the Woolworths Mascot DC in Sydney. Pablo Carvajal of Linfox expertly staged the event within the ever-present constraints caused by COVID-19, the session was a great success.

Martin Connolly, National Technical Training Manager and QTRS’s Customer Relationship Manager, Nimol Koy guided staff and stakeholders through the operation and benefits of the innovative Mitsubishi TE30GAEM


We would also like to welcome Woolworths Group Ltd to the world of Mitsi-TRACK, our inhouse telematics solution designed and built in our QTRS Melbourne office specifically for Mitsubishi refrigeration units. Mitsi-Track utilizes the comprehensive data available directly from the TE30GAEM unit itself. A flexible platform gives customers the power to present data that is meaningful to them in a format they understand.

Our Real Time Analytics engine gives Woolworths Group the power to derive useful information
from our comprehensive data pool to help improve overall effectiveness of the total asset.

About QTRS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems

Quality Transport Refrigeration Services (QTRS) being established since 2006 have been providing high-quality refrigeration products, repairs and services Refrigerated Transport industry all across Victoria.

Specialising in refrigeration unit Sales, Installation, Service and Repairs, the professional team at QTRS are the experts at providing solutions for your refrigeration needs and at identifying key issues with your current refrigerated vehicles and helping you get them back on the road faster.

In 2015, QTRS proudly became the sole Australian distributor for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems,(MTH) Refrigeration equipment for Trucks & Trailers.

MTH is known globally as a recognised brand for its high-quality Transport Refrigeration units that are not only reliable and highly powerful but also have one of the lowest “life cycle costs” available.
The team at QTRS are driven to deliver cost-effective Mitsubishi refrigeration solutions matched with unbeatable customer service across the transport industry.

With QTRS having built relationships with many prominent and renown truck dealers and body manufacturers QTRS has developed a reputation for being able to provide high quality truck, body and refrigeration solutions that suit our customers individual wants, needs and most importantly their budget.

Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy

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